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Holiday Hijinks

17 Dec 2006 by banister

Well, it's that time again - time to bounce up and down on some old dude's lap in the hopes that he'll give you presents. We call it "Christmas" (Kevin calls it "Tuesday"), and this year we're only wishing for two things:

1. A new drummer. Yes, as many of you have heard Jonny is leaving Divided Sky to pursue less hazardous pastures. He's playing now with the sultry Soraia, and we suggest you check them out (and tell Johnny he owes me 5 bucks and a waffle). In the meantime, the sensational Scott "Rad" Radway (Now Soon Nowhere, ex-Divided Sky) is filling in on drums. The last couple shows have been called both "oh my god" and a sort of caveman grunting that defies transliteration. Which brings us to x-mas wish number B:

10. YOU to come to our shows. Not only did we incorporate our old drum master Scott "i played on the album" Radway, but we also added a brand NEW song, a brand NEW cover, and soon we shall unveil our latest triumph, a needlessly large weather machine No! I can't tell you, it's too secret. But rumours of holiday hijinks, guest stars, and more unconventional covers abound. So it's up to YOU to come out and support Divided Sky. We've met a lot of cool people at shows in the past year and had a lot of good times, so let's keep it going.

We're playing the Arena this Saturday the 23rd, and the Pennant (NJ) and Le Grand Fromage (AC, NJ) on the 28th and the 29th, respectively. That's 3 chances to give Divided Sky the best gift in the world - your happiness.

Happy Holidays!

Nov 17th Show Cancelled

17 Nov 2006 by banister

We apologize for the late notice, but our show on the 17th has been cancelled due to some unforseen scheduling issues. Hopefully this doesn't cause anybody any undue distress. If you're real hopping mad and want to tell us about it, why don't you come to the Now Soon Nowhere, Day Without Dawn, Athem and Janus Wake show that night instead? It's at the Arena, It'll be a good time, and we'll be there supporting our buddies.

P.S. Come to the Grape St. show!

Grape Street, Grape Nuts Moved

29 Sep 2006 by banister

Our show at Grape Street next week has been moved. Here is the new show info:

Divided Sky
Tuesday November 7th 2006
Grape Street
4100 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19019 (Manayunk)

While this will be sad news for those of you who have already purchased your life vests and flare guns, there's good news for you as well. At that very show, DS will be performing some BRAND-SPANKING NEW MUSIC! Oh no, you say, I've barely had time to absorb all the awesomeness of The Subtle Art of Failure! Whatever shall I do? The answer is, you best come out to the Grape Street show, fool! Not only will we blow you away with our mad hella tight new stuff, we'll also unleash un petit surprise-o - that's Japanese for "AWWW YEAH!!"

You literally can't afford not to see the excitement, so start planning now!

Schedule Changed

11 Sep 2006 by banister

The Firestation 8 show has been moved from the 18th of September to the 27th. The stated reason was that MD needs extra time to prepare their disaster relief efforts. Best stock up on that space herpes vaccine, guys!

Other schedule information has been updated... bands have been announced, times have changed... can YOU find all 6 differences?

New Dates, Reviews; Massive Storm Approaching

01 Sep 2006 by banister

In case you are unaware, some nice reviews of our new album have been coming in, and they are available for your reading pleasure in our press section. We're simultaneously relieved, surprised, and grateful (and a little hungry) that people seem to be enjoying our work.

Apparently, the only one who doesn't like it is [god/the goddess/nature/inexplicable mystical entropic force/FSM], who has waved [his/her/its/its/Its] [hand/foot/craggy bower/uncaring tendrils/noodly appendage] and brought some kind of crazy "hurricane" to the North Carolina area just as we're attempting to go to Prog Day there and promote our album. Coincidence?

Assuming we survive the trip, we'll be playing some shows in our brand spanking new lineup soon. We are tremendously excited (while simultaneously tremendously scared of the [fearsome/awesome/sublime/mysterious/delicious] forces arrayed against us) to debut the Glock/Chops rhythm section, and you should be too! We're pretty sure you'll be blown away... either by the powerful grooves or the winds reaching 225 miles per hour. But enough about Jonny's gas.

Anyway, check our press section to read the rants and raves, and then our schedule to plan a time to come see what all the fuss is about. We have more bookings in the works as well, so check back often (or join the mailing list so you can receive updates without even bothering yourself to expend the energy required to visit a website).

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