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Date: May 21 2006
Reviewer: Tommy Hash

Divided Sky - The Subtle Art of Failure

The one thing about The Subtle Art of Failure is that it starts out on a chaotic note; basically these guys don’t waste any time getting down to it when it comes to playing out their brand of jam-band oriented metal. Jam band oriented metal?? Oh hell yes, I mean, you don’t necessarily want to simply pigeonhole these guys into the progressive rock vein. However, you still could (if you want), because of the music’s highly technical endurance and improvised compositional approach; so obviously there is action inundated into this music.

Heavy, grinding, and melodic; take Sylvan’s heaviest moments, some early Fates Warning, and Spiral Architect’s most tame moments, and the sound for thrash metal riffs along with the syncopated madness in perfectly in-tact. Looking at the record, cuts such as the schizophrenic heaviness of “Impermanence,” the sub-folk ala Anyone’s Daughter of “Sheep and Kings,” the neo-tinged jam session of “Tremors,” as well as the five-part conceptual piece “Kaironomaea” that make the record far from one of those saturated symphonic/neo related records, marking a good balance with both the musicianship and songwriting approach.

Pennsylvania’s Divided Sky prove that this record is anything but a failure.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars

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