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Source: Backyard Buzz (review no longer available online)
Date: March 5 2003
Reviewer: George Wacker

Live Review

No, no, the lead singer, Sean, does NOT look or sing like Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish. Actually, as a side bar, I had a few discussions with people last night about bringing in more multi-cultural bands. I think adding some jazz or rap flavor to the buzz would be great since the community we live in reflects that dynamic. Anyway, onto Divided Sky.

The Philly band's sound is divergent. There is a lot of riff-based rock influence and from what I heard I could catch some harder rock influences such as Sevendust, AC/DC or maybe even a bit Metallica. The thing is it's hard to really pin down influences since they sound NOTHING like these bands. The songs are well-structured and very jam-packed with what basically amounts to two lead guitars. While the lead guitarist is jamming out Jimmy Page style, Sean is doing his own soloing while adding soaring vocals over top of the crunching, distorted, yet sonically pleasing backdrop.

The bass guitar is also very active. There was hardly a time when the bassist was able to chill out and just do a basic four note scale along with the song. Instead, he was constantly tapping and plucking his own riffs. In short, the band is FULL and interesting to watch since they don't relax much with a few easy to play songs here and there. Each song is divergent, ambient, and hard-hitting.

From the get go I wasn't sure how a Wednesday night crowd would react to such a powerful band. Sometimes the Wednesday crowd prefers the lighter acoustic acts. However, with Sean's full bodied voice and with the band's pristine and sharp as hell progressions, everyone was more than pleased. In fact, one dude made sure he got the autograph's of all the band members on a piece of paper before he left.

I would have liked to have heard a little heavier drumming, but again the wooden walls in Beerbelly's sometimes swallow up the sound back there. And I'm picky, I don't think ANYONE noticed a problem in Divided Sky's sound.

Overall, great band, great full sound, will definitely be back at the buzz for a Friday show soon enough. Feel free to check them out on April 12 at the MoMo Fest to be held on Moravian College's campus.

P.S. Any heavier band that can handle a instrumental in the middle of a set deserves to be heard.

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