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divided sky

Source: (review no longer available online)
Date: December 2003

Divided Sky


Divided Sky hail from Philadelphia, PA and make their independent full-length debut with the album "Spectral". This eclectic group has come together to make a sound rooted in hard rock, but has spiced up the sound with the addition of jazz, pop, and other various elements. While taking these combination of elements to the levels as such done by Faith No More, the group do put together a decent debut effort.

With songs drawn out and that don't sound like they were put together over night, the bands best display of diversity comes forth in the four part song on track ten entitled "Images". On this song, each part displays a different side of the band, from the instrumental to the voice of vocalist Sean Crisden.

Still rough around the edges, Divided Sky still have some work to go, but are off to a good start. I'm diggin' it.

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