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Source: Rikk's Reviews (review no longer available online)
Date: July 2003

Divided Sky - Spectral

This is an odd sort of treat for me. I was weaned on Metal and had it all from Armored Saint to Iron Maiden and Metallica. Oft times the music companies seem to be dragging the bottom of the barrel. Trying to find bands that fit into their cookie cutter mold of what they perceive Metal to be at the time. Well, I've got news for them, they have been overlooking one major aspect, TALENT.

I know, a lot of the elders just think metal and heavy music is all noise, but it is to Rock n' Roll what bluegrass is to Country. A lot of talent is needed to pull off a great sounding CD today, and it seems fewer and fewer bands have more than a copy cat sound of their favorite bands. That brings me to four guys I am going to be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for in the future. The four are the individuals who make up Divided Sky.

The music that is made by these diverse musicians crosses boundaries and entwines styles from Jazz, tinges of classical, and the Heavy metal scene. You can hear it in their playing. They bring Heavy music to a new level, adding their own blend of power and substance that is not often heard. At times you can hear guitar work that would make Carlos Santana take notice, and the lyrics are at times sharp and intense and other times almost spiritual. I can't put my finger on it, but the lyrics at times rival those of the super group from the great white north, Canada, we know as Rush.

Divided Sky consists of Sean V. Crisden on guitar and vocals, Scott Radway on percussion and vocals, Art Franklin with his heavy bass work and vocals, and Rich Banister on guitar and vocals. If you like your music Heavy, as well as intelligent and almost theatrical, you don't want to miss out on the first release by Divided Sky. "Spectral" is a true understanding of a musical dream that just happens to be a new reality. Check out their website by clicking on the CD cover above to experience a bit of Divided Sky.

5 Stars Out Of 6

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