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Date: July 27 2003

Divided Sky - Spectral

The original concept of Divided Sky was birthed in January 1999 at Philadelphia, PA - USA. It began as an experiment in progressive rock, an embryonic waif in the twisted mind of Crisden, who'd had enough listening to the filtered rehashed refuse that permeated the airwaves and minds of innocent listeners everywhere. It was indeed time to share his insanity. The fruits of the first lineup were harvested in the shape of the eponymous Divided Sky demo, which hit circulation by the fall of '99. However, differences in musical direction caused the departure of a member and the reforging of the band. They were joined in this new incarnation by a new member, who quickly adapted to the plan of operations. The seething mass of music ravaged the Philadelphia area for most of 2000 and 2001, garnering critical acclaim and building a loyal fan base. Not content to simply punish the live music scene, the unit entered the studio in May of 2001 to begin recording the debut full length album Spectral. However, in June the band hit a pothole with their bladders full when differences in music and opinion forced the departure of Hightower, who subsequently joined forces with Noosphere. After many years of futile resistance, the band created a new conception in Progressive Rock, when with the new lineup in place, the finishing touches were put on their excellent debut album which was at last released in September 2002. Well, Divided Sky is not one only another new band, they are young musicians with an incredible talent, they easily will be able to establish among famous bands, creating their proper identity with their strong musical style, they do a powerful music, that certainly, have a melodic sensibility and structural tightness inspired in bands as "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "King Crinson", "Anekdoten" and "Dream Theater", also mixed with a bit of modern rock, then you may find on this group a special taste and a pleasant musical sound, where naturally all prog fans may enjoy this kind of music. We can say, Divided Sky itīs clearly walking in the same footsteps of those that are creating music for the future, while respecting influences of the past. "Spectral" is a self-production and a very diverse sounding album, including eleven tracks, where all songs were written by Crisden and Radway, except "Aura" which was written by Radway, all songs arranged by Divided Sky. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: "Grasp" (is one of the best), "Missing Persons", "Diminishing Returns", "Summer By Twilight", "Lifestream" and "Images". The musicians on Divided Sky are: Sean Crisden: Vocals and Guitar, Scott Radway: Percussion, Synth, Samples and Chapman Stick, Franco Fiorini: Bass and Richard Banister: Guitar. Excellent and indispensable work, highly recommendable...

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