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Date: July 2006
Reviewer: Doug Herring

DIVIDED SKY - "The Subtle Art of Failure", 2006

I could easily see the TOOL comparisons being bandied about. The DON CABALLERO in the drums for sure. Three songs in and DIVIDED SKY take an unexpected turn into acoustic rock that is not too dissimilar to the mellower mid 70’s JETHRO TULL with “Sheep and Kings”. The fretless bass comes to life on “Failure” and it’s also odd how this track makes the best use of two guitar parts than the previous tunes. Keyboard flourishes pop up here and there. The two successive instrumentals “Bridge” and “Tremors” put the yin vs. the yang with acoustic vs. electric guitars.

It’s great to see a group that revels in their own musicianship, yet not succumb to self-indulgent wank. The one excess that DIVIDED SKY mine is the length of “The Subtle Art of Failure”. Shit, this thing is long! On vinyl, this would make the perfect two record set. I think that it would be nice to get a break. Reflect. Then flip the record over. A minor quip. The second half of “The Subtle Art of Failure” succeeds with the five part “Kaironomaea” which really crescendos quite unbelievably with “Figure 8”. This one is my fave so far. After a few repeat listens, that all may change. I see this disc like one of those movies that you notice something different each time with repeated viewings. Kind of the same way I listen to modern prog artist such as THE MARS VOLTA, 3 and COHEED AND CAMBRIA (to a degree). This ensemble should be on a record label for their next disc, but from the quality of this package I’m wondering if they need one.

Rating: 4/5

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