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divided sky

Date: October/November 2002

Divided Sky

Absorb This Divergent Heavy Progressive Rock

Divided Sky is a Philadelphia based group playing divergent heavy progressive rock that blends jazz, classical, heavy rock and contemporary elements into their music. They submitted an advance CD-R copy of their full-length album Spectral. Led by guitarist/vocalist Sean V. Crisden, the twelve tracks are richly progressive, at times, cinematic, and permeated by Crisden's strength and fervor. Make no mistake, this is not guitar-hero prog (ala Dream Theater or Symphony X); instead of extended solos, the group, bolstered by second guitarist Rich Banister, uses textural playing, unfaltering rhythmic drive and sharp dynamics to create mood and interest. Their ten-minute opus "Images" has a number of varied and expressive guitar passages, running an entire gamut of sound and fury. Divided Sky's rhythm section features drummer Scott Radway and bassist Franco Fiorini, both of whom figure prominently in the mix. Progressive junkies need to check out this band when their CD is finally released for an intriguing aural experience.

Sean's musical career was spawned from years of training through classical violin and culminated in the presence of incendiary, ever-evolving guitar work. He has done time as a studio musician and has charismatically contributed to genres from punk to rap to everything in between. Rich is defined by precision and effortless playing, leaving few questions as to his ability to evoke worlds with his guitar. Scott is a classically trained percussionist and composer currently attending Temple University for composition and has honed his drumming chops in many on-going projects running the gamut from jazz to heavy rock. Jeff is a seminal bass player who is equally at home rocking out on electric bass or walking along on an acoustic upright.

Divided Sky is currently giving away free CD samplers of their music as well as playing live whenever possible in order to promote their brand of sonic pleasure. The full length CD Spectral will be released in the first week of October and will be available at the Divided Sky website.

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