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divided sky

Source: (review no longer available online)
Date: May 2003
Reviewer: Nigel Cuff


With this track Divided Sky are clearly walking in the footsteps of Dream Theater with their particular brand of progressive metal, while forging their own identity at the same time. It's difficult not to compare them with Mike Portnoy and co. especially with their reliance on complex patterns and time signatures, but there is a certain melodic sensibility and structural tightness that enables the band to utilise other musical styles other than metal.

The opening of the track is slightly strange starting off with a quirky guitar figure that only begins to make musical sense when the drums come in. This then builds up until the heavy guitar growls its way to the front of the speakers like a hungry lion protecting its dinner. The electric guitar growl then segues into an exquisite acoustic guitar lament as the song proper gets under way. The chord sequence here is superbly structured and provides an excellent contrast with the heaviness of the intro. The verse finally slides effortlessly into a big melodic chorus that is extremely satisfying and demonstrates Divided Sky's melodic sensibility in great style and like all great choruses is the heart and soul of the song.

Another satisfying segment of the song is the brief but atmospheric 'middle section' (for want of a better term) that occurs at around the five minute mark. At this point the heavy chorus drops away to reveal subtle musical textures with the vocal melody and style strangely reminiscent of Bjork at her most esoteric.

The only part of this track that doesn't quite come up to scratch is the treatment of the vocals throughout the verses. The particular vocal effect used to create a disembodied voice as if the singer is singing through a loud hailer quickly palls. This sort of effect is gimmicky and should be kept to a minimum. It also makes the lyrics unintelligible.

The above comment notwithstanding this is a fine track that deserves repeated listening and should garner Divided Sky some well-earned attention.

Dead set sexy. Nearly flawless. We like it.
Technical Skill:10.00
Recording Quality:7.50
Long Term Appeal:8.00

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