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Source: Chaos Realm
Date: August 2006

DIVIDED SKY - The Subtle Art of Failure CD '06 (Private, US)

Ok, point one: I refuse to get into another discussion on what the word "progressive" means. Point two: Regardless of what anything means, this Pennsylvania band is a damn good one and this is one helluva private release. Now understand one thing, nothing gets my blood flowin' better than a grimy cd-r thrown in a hand-made cover that comes out with all guns blazing, dripping in hairy distortion & loaded with 4-5 minute ditties about riding down the road in a Camaro while ragged double leads are firing artillery shells around my head. Thing is, that ain't DIVIDED SKY and that's ok too. The skinny on the mini? If you missed those great old days back in the late '80's, sitting around in the basement with a bunch of other music freaks listening to albums like Watchtower - "Control & Resistance," Sieges Even - "Life Cycle" and Coroner's first one, this is for you. Guitars sharpened like cardiologists' scalpels carve out razor riffs that at once amaze and still find a way to rock and blinding musicianship in general marry with threatening vocals & lyrics about things such as "The Welkin Eye" & "No Earthquakes, No Displacements." Icing to the cake comes by way of the unexpected such as the folk-ish leanings of "Sheep and Kings." Nice surprise here from the land of PA, where men are men & Dream Theater are scared.

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