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The Subtle Art of Failure

DPRP, December 2006 [archive] - "...really pushing the boundaries of progressive metal into a distinctive and ground-breaking new territory."

Chaos Realm, August 2006 [archive] - "Guitars sharpened like cardiologists' scalpels carve out razor riffs that at once amaze and still find a way to rock"

Progressive Ears, August 2006 [archive] - "Man, these guys are good."

Sea of Tranquility, August 2006 [archive] - "This band writes their songs with immense control and definition, and "Failure" is one of the best songs I've heard all year."

PeaceDogMan, July 2006 [archive] - "This ensemble should be on a record label for their next disc, but from the quality of this package Iím wondering if they need one.", May 2006 [archive] - "Heavy, grinding, and melodic ... Divided Sky prove that this record is anything but a failure."


Plug In Music, December 2003 [archive] - "Divided Sky might appear a heavy metal or hard rock band, but at closer inspection you see there is much more there", December 2003 [archive] - "I'm diggin' it"

Aversion Online, November 2003 [archive] - "This is one of those rare bands that has a massive wealth of potential"

Prog4You, October 2003 [archive] - "This is music for the future... but we have it today!"

DPRP, 2003 [archive] - "discovering Divided Sky has for me, been a little like a mole discovering there really is light at the end of the tunnel"

Music Morsels, August 2003 [archive] - "great, inventive new heavy rock", July 2003 [archive] - "Excellent and indispensable work", July 2003 [archive] - "...would make Carlos Santana take notice"

Progressive World, June 2003 [archive] - "Divided Sky are musical militants who arenít interested in perpetuating timeworn functions and forms"

Gods of Music, May 2003 (Grasp) [archive] - "deserves repeated listening"

Backyard Buzz, March 2003 [archive] - "Each song is divergent, ambient, and hard-hitting."

Origivation Magazine, January 2003 [archive] - "What the hell?", October 2002 [archive] - "an intriguing aural experience"

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