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Art is slow
Art is low
Let yourself flow and push the tempo
Art is slow
Art is low
Let yourself flow and drag the tempo

It's always old school but still brand new
So everybody catch the BassaJam flu
Not like disco fever not like Ice T
Scary Beast is heavy the ReeBass is neat
What you hear is what you get
And you ain't heard nothing yet...

(er, I'll shut up now)


Divided Sky Bass Gear:

Scary Beast - Steve Bailey model Aria Pro II (6-string Fretless)
ReeBass - Ibanez SoundGear SR4006 (6-string Fretted)
HardLine - Ibanez Soundgear modded 5-string (fretted) thanks to Shawn grafius
Roland RD-700 Stage Piano - used on "Slightly Ominous Cheeseburger"
Monster cables - I now officially endorse these since I realized that playing bass through cheap cables is like singing through a telephone.
Generic Peavey Amp with 15" cab
Various silly effects like the Snarling Dog with the light-up eyeses!

Other Low Stuff:

El Capitan - Epiphone Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar (5-string fretless)
Frumpy Bitch - no-name Upright Bass (4-string fretless)
Young Bently - cheapo 5-string fretted
Other basses that I let other people use

I just got a Cello to play chamber music with... I figure by the time I start tackling Bartok with it I'll have figured out the tuning enough to learn to improvise with it.. Then it's electric cello time! Of course, I'd rather have an electric Viola da Gamba, but that will take some negotiation...

Also missing from the above list - Chapman Grand Stick with MIDI output... I need one


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