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sean crisden



Reality. Morality. These things are ultimately inconsequential.



Parker Fly Mojo
Parker Fly Classic (Mr. Parker)
Ibanez 7621 7-string (Mr. Monster)
Ibanez USRG 30 Custom (#1)
Ibanez RG770 (The Metal Monster)
Hohner GT2 Headless Tremolo
Ovation 1860 Custom

Current Rack Gear:

Randall RM4 - Blackface, Top Boost, XTC and Ultra Lead
Randall RT2/50 Power Amp
ISP Decimator noise gate
Samson Synth-32 Wireless system
Furman Rack Rider Power Conditioner

Former Rack Gear:

Mesa Boogie Triaxis
Digitech 2101 Artist w/ PPC210 upgrade
Mesa Boogie Simulclass 2:90
Korg DTR-2 Digital Tuner


EarCandy Sovereign custom matched 1x12 cabs
Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 cab


crisden at dividedskymusic dot com

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