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People often ask me, "Rich, how do you write such splendid Haiku?" Well, the answer is not an easy one. Nor is it one that I know, so I won't even try to answer it. Instead, I will offer my humble interpretations of the essence of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches.

drip, jelly, drip down
from Chin of Life to carpet
Now I must vacuum

I tried to capture the pain and humility that one must bear if they are to venture on the sandwich path.

Wipe away once more
My creamy brown desire
All over my face

I'm pretty sure that was about peanut butter.

supple, elegant
fluffy but creamy also
Skippy Peanut Butt

You see, I ran out of syllables there, so I had to end it early. That's an advanced haiku technique - it's okay to cut some stuff off as long as it doesn't change the meaning.

Bad peanut butter
For this I spoiled dinner?
My secret sorrow

That one's a little emotional for me. Best not to dwell here.



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