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step into the divided sky

DIVIDED SKY is a quartet who feel it necessary to ecape the stagnation of traditional rock and construct a new hybrid sonic architecture. Their carefully crafted music defies genre boundaries, earning the label "heavy divergent rock": a potent recipe for an aural stew of rock, jazz, pop and classical influences that listeners feverishly devour.

Since crawling out of a Philadelphia basement in 1999, Divided Sky has marauded its way across the eastern seaboard, leaving only shocked audiences and jealous girlfriends behind. And just as mainstream music was settling deeper into stagnation, Divided Sky was gorging itself on every musical morsel in reach.

Divided Sky pierces your mind with prophetic lyrics seamlessly woven into a colorful quilt of dynamic music ranging from serene beauty to total chaos. The band brazenly challenges the listener's sensibilities with unpredictable, unconventional arrangements wrapped in meaty hooks; repeat listenings reward handsomely.

Heavy, melodic, intricate and often just plain awesome, Divided Sky represents forward-thinking music at its finest.





The Subtle Art of Failure

DPRP, December 2006 [archive] - "...really pushing the boundaries of progressive metal into a distinctive and ground-breaking new territory."

Chaos Realm, August 2006 [archive] - "Guitars sharpened like cardiologists' scalpels carve out razor riffs that at once amaze and still find a way to rock"

Progressive Ears, August 2006 [archive] - "Man, these guys are good."

Sea of Tranquility, August 2006 [archive] - "This band writes their songs with immense control and definition, and "Failure" is one of the best songs I've heard all year."

PeaceDogMan, July 2006 [archive] - "This ensemble should be on a record label for their next disc, but from the quality of this package Iím wondering if they need one.", May 2006 [archive] - "Heavy, grinding, and melodic ... Divided Sky prove that this record is anything but a failure."


Plug In Music, December 2003 [archive] - "Divided Sky might appear a heavy metal or hard rock band, but at closer inspection you see there is much more there", December 2003 [archive] - "I'm diggin' it"

Aversion Online, November 2003 [archive] - "This is one of those rare bands that has a massive wealth of potential"

Prog4You, October 2003 [archive] - "This is music for the future... but we have it today!"

DPRP, 2003 [archive] - "discovering Divided Sky has for me, been a little like a mole discovering there really is light at the end of the tunnel"

Music Morsels, August 2003 [archive] - "great, inventive new heavy rock", July 2003 [archive] - "Excellent and indispensable work", July 2003 [archive] - "...would make Carlos Santana take notice"

Progressive World, June 2003 [archive] - "Divided Sky are musical militants who arenít interested in perpetuating timeworn functions and forms"

Gods of Music, May 2003 (Grasp) [archive] - "deserves repeated listening"

Backyard Buzz, March 2003 [archive] - "Each song is divergent, ambient, and hard-hitting."

Origivation Magazine, January 2003 [archive] - "What the hell?", October 2002 [archive] - "an intriguing aural experience"


"These guys are not just musicians, they are artists, in every sense of the meaning."
-Mike Brennen, Origivation Magazine
"the group ... uses textural playing, unfaltering rhythmic drive and sharp dynamics to create mood and interest... an intriguing aural experience"
"[Divided Sky] is [the best band ever]"
-Abraham Lincoln


Sean Crisden is a founding member of Divided Sky who walks the line of genius and insanity. Well, it's more like a slight up-tempo trot. And the line is more like an eight lane divided highway. And he ain't on the genius side.

Rich Banister ain't founded shit. But he did put together a list of his best hair-care and maintenance tips for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Kevin McLaughlin is from NJ, likes Weird Al and peels cheese off of pizza, easily claiming the throne of "Mostest Normalestest in Divided Sky".


Divided Sky began as an embryonic waif in the twisted mind of Sean Crisden, who was fed up listening to the filtered, rehashed refuse that permeated the airwaves and minds of innocent listeners everywhere. Sharing his infectious insanity, he recruited Scott Radway to pound on helpless percussion instruments, Kevin Collins to aid in guitar butchering duties, and Franco Fiorini to grab a hold of the low end. Together they made sweet musical love, and Divided Sky was birthed into the world in January 1999.

The fruits of the original lineup were harvested in the form of the eponymous Divided Sky demo, which hit circulation by the fall of 1999. However, differences in musical direction caused the departure of Collins and a reforging of the band. They were joined in this new incarnation by Kevin Hightower, who quickly worked his knuckles into the fretboard.

The seething mass of music ravaged the Philadelphia area for most of 2000 and 2001, garnering critical acclaim and building a loyal fan base. Not content to simply punish the live music scene, the unit entered the studio in May 2001 to record their debut full-length album Spectral. However, in June the band hit a pothole with their bladders full when differences in music and opinion forced the departure of Hightower, who subsequently joined forces with local band Noosphere. Fiorini also meandered away, no longer able to resist the pull of local powerhouse Ploy.

All was not lost, as guitarist Rich Banister saw the light of opportunity and worked his way into the unit in September. And after many years of futile resistance, Jeff Pedraz--a jazz fiend and longtime friend to Radway--filled the bass slot in November of 2001. With the new lineup in place, the finishing touches were put on Spectral for its release in September 2002.

Although Pedraz's uncompromising technique proved complimentary to the Divided Sky sound, the jazz world would not let him go. There was only one option for Divided Sky: enlist many-tentacled bass monster Art Franklin. With the addition of Franklin, Divided Sky began to chronicle new paths to sonic fulfillment.

In mid-2004, the band hunkered down in their own Hidden Creek Studios and began recording their sophomore monstrosity. Strong attention was given to evolving the Divided Sky sound while writing their most powerful, relevant music yet. The band eventually completed the arduous recording process in early 2006, but not without casualties: Radway amicably split with the band to pursue his own stirring material - the then foetal Now Soon Nowhere - after recording a savage beatdown of his drumkit for the album for which he is still wanted in several states.

The band was then as surprised as anyone when famed lovable rapscallion Jonny "Chops" Henrich showed up at their door and proceeded to pound out their music. After some fancy talkin' they convinced Jonny to enlist, and the reinvigorated collective swarmed the live scene, leaving only bare fields and dropped jaws in their wake.

In this most deadly incarnation, Divided Sky released their second album the subtle art of failure in April 2006. Critics raved, fans screamed, and babies vaporized in response. Eventually, Franklin relinquished the position of bassist to the brave soul Kevin McLaughlin. With the power of the Glock, the band continued to shower the Eastern Seaboard with their golden musical salvo.

The gods revealed the limits of their patience, however, when Jonny Chops was drawn away by Soraia's sultry charms at the end of 2006 . With no drummer willing to brave the dark miasma surrounding the band, the remaining members wove a gossamer coccoon around themselves and went on hiatus, plotting their eventual reemergence while their musical tastes evolved and metamorphosed into new and dangerous forms.

Divided Sky endures as its members pursue individual projects, stewing their potent jams and awaiting the day you (and they) least expect their fateful return.

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